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After having collected for about 40 years LP records, at a rate of at least one purchase every month, one finds oneself with a pile of several hundreds of records. These discs often represent a personal sentimental treasure because of the emotion which they can transmit at the time of their listening or also simply by the value of the performance and/or the sound recording.

But to listen to them today is difficult. One is afraid to damage them and to wear them out a little more. The necessary hardware becomes obsolete and tends to disappear.

The answer is to record them on CDR. No one can dispute the handiness and the comfort of use of the these Audio CDs. Since we are to make these recordings we will do it digitally with a computer. It is then absolutely necessary to try to repair the damages present on the vinyl discs. It is by software that will try to eliminate the " clicks ", " ploks ", " plops " and other " scraoutchs... " which one collects at the time of listening on a turn table.

One can manage this in a very satisfactory and often spectacular way.

One can also try to improve the original sound of the disc. This is especially appliable with 40 to 50 years old records.

After having said this, the word " Restoration " is not completely adequate, since the physical support is changed.

Here, we will try to explain to beginners and amateurs, our manner of proceeding.